Classical art meets modern style

The old techniques of true master luthiers combined with the modernity of today’s musical instruments.

The profession of the luthier is one of the oldest and most valiant crafts that exists.

The art of making and repairing musical instruments, in fact, was born in Italy in the sixteenth century and still is honored at the expense of time passing.

But the evolution of music, of the same musical instruments and especially of the needs of today’s musicians, has meant that modernity is also present in this profession.

The Albertini Guitars violin maker has specialized in this. 

We combine the passion and techniques of the true master luthiers of the past, with the lines and modern components of the instruments we create today.

Comfort, practicality but above all the customization of every detail is our care.

"There are countless musical instruments in the world, but the perfect one for you has yet to be created..."