The maintenance of your musical instrument is very important, it is not a step to be underestimated.

Many people believe that after buying a tool there is nothing else to do, but it is not quite like that. 

Just like a car, your faithful stage mate must be overhauled and made safe allowing you to always keep your standard high and be flawless even in the most difficult situations.  That’s why we take care of your tools and always guarantee you the highest level.

The Albertini Guitars lab specializes in this. But not only that.

Constant maintenance in fact can avoid more unpleasant damage that sometimes you have to solve with real repairs.

Repair techniques are almost more difficult than the very creation of the tool, sometimes only delicate processes with high risks and require a lot of technical preparation.

Don’t worry. If you are in this situation you can contact us quietly, our experience will help you to bring back your jewel to shine.

Repainting, Refret and Corrections

You want to change? 

If you are tired of the color of your instrument, we have technologically advanced paints, able to improve the sound. 

If instead you are tired of the flat sound of your instrument we can evaluate a change of pick-ups and give an extra gear to the sound.

We can replace what you don’t like anymore and evaluate together the best thing to do by taking your music to the next level!

We also provide an innovative, rope-mounted grinding, which allows the key to be levelled at work, higher than the PLEK 

We also specialize in Refret of all kinds with or without Bindig.